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Product description

OOO "RAMOS" presents a completely new product that meets all European standards and designed with the latest technology usage. These are two kinds of cretaceous concentrate: the first one - EFPE1001-based on linear polyethylene and EFPP1001 - based on polypropylene.

EFPE (EFPP) 1001 has a wide range of practice usage in the industry of plastic products, because of its polymer base adapted to LDPE, HDPE and PP and comprising a purified calcium carbonate (CaCO3) with a high level of whiteness, a small fraction of the particles and high surface treatment.  Concentrate also contains supporting  dispersion binders and additives. The percentage rate of the concentrate components is: CaCO3 - 75%, polymer base - 20%  and additives - 5%. This combination allows you to enter by 40% of concentrate in raw material and granular form facilitates proportional mixing with the primary polyethylene (PP), allowing you to achieve homogeneity of the polymer composition as well as its high efficiency of subsequent conversion into an end-product.

Producer's benefits when using EFPE (EFPP) 1001:

  • Higher productivity This is the most interesting economic advantage, resulting from adding calcium carbonate to the polyolefin. It is due to improved conductivity of the polymer, since the thermal conductivity of calcium carbonate is much higher and specific heat is twice smaller than polymers. By adding CaCO3 in an extruder, you get a reduction in melt pressure, that helps to reduce the cycle time for molding or thermoforming, as well as reduce production costs per product unit;
  • Improving the strength of the bubble A more rapid cooling of the blown bubble is presented due to higher thermal conductivity of CaCO3.
  • Improving the mechanical characteristic of the end-product
  • Improved strength at impact Improvied toughness of PE matrix and a possible reduction in film thickness with saving physical and mechanical parameters appears when additing CaCO3 into product.
  • Increasing strength when extended, by Elmendorf's method
  • Improving moment resistance of cross-section which helps in the production of packages
  • Better roll twisting
  • More clean head of extruder, as well as extruder itself

 CaCO3 is environmentally friendly product.

Features of EFPE 1001 EFPP 1001 usage:
1.The cost of the concentrate is much lower than of a primary polypropylene and polyethylene. Therefore, the producer gets the raw material cost reduction, thereby increasing its profit.
2. The use of fine calcium carbonate in the concentrate, purified from metal impurities and silica sand saves it from the negative properties, that usually cause abrasive (wear) of equipment, dustiness and cloggness of filters, that happens during the use of similar additives with a grain of calcium carbonate of more than 5 microns.
3. The increase of thermal conductivity of the polymers leads to an increase in equipment performance due to reduced time processes of heating and cooling of the melt. Therefore, the producer is able to increase the speed of extrusion, thereby reducing the amount of costs.
4. The cretaceous concentrate has "anticohesion" features, with the ability to modify the surface structure of the polymer film, as well as improves the adhesion of the surface of the end products to the flexographic ink during printing, thereby reducing the coronary treatment requirements. The electrostatic effect when using the concentrate is also reduced.
5. The use of a concentrate reduces shrinkage during casting, eliminates warping and increases the rigidity of product. This reduces the number of rejected products, improves the quality of consumer products and, consequently, reduces the producer's expenses.

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