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Coloring masterbatches

"Correctly" selected color plays a very important role in consumer's  product market. Polymer producers can follow the latest color trends fashion, by using coloring masterbatches for dyeing. This  is the only way the polymer products industry will be flexible enough to satisfy the latest trends, at the same time they have freedom to select the most suitable type of polymer for each product and the ability to respond to the cost changes of the polymer raw material.

The advantages of using masterbatches are as follows:

- Short duration of the painting process;
- Small amounts of masterbatches needed;
- Greater flexibility in achieving the desired color;
- Strategic delivery of new masterbatches;
- Quick and easy color change at the processing equipment;

Granulated masterbatches are now considered to be the most preferable for use. Its Benefits compensate the relatively high cost (compared to other concentrates):

- Lack of dust during the use;
- Excellent quality application to the polymer;
- A good implementation of the color intensity;
- A good transportation in the bootstrap  node of the extruder;
- Practical universality for thermoplastics recycle;
- Reasonable price;

The granular masterbatches composition include:
- Polymer (base);
- Colorant;
- Dispersing agent;
- Additives, if necessary;

The concentration of these components depends on the desired color intensity and opacity of the colorant.



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