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Compounding is the process of mixing additives in plastic to form a homogeneous material. At first, usually a dry blending is presented by numerous of variations takes place in the material cylinder of the extruder and ends with compounding. As a result you get plastic material granules with a homogeneous distribution of additives.

The concentration of additives can match the value required for the final processing of the material, or be very high, these depends on its type and additional factors.

To obtain the homogeneous of the end-product the volume of additives distribution according to the material's volume must be very proportional, the polymer should not imply the large number of agglomerate materials. The quality of the dispersion and distributing mix determines the overall mix. Dispersion is a measure of the destruction of large agglomerates, whereas distributive mixing is a measure of the proportional distribution of small areas in the entire polymer.

Company RAMOS holds an opportunity to offer you the full and modified polymeric compounds (compositions).

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